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Who We Are and What We Do:

Pedron Aircraft Works aircraft maintenance facility in Denton, TX, is proud to provide the Dallas/Fort Worth and North Texas area with a professional, family owned and operated aircraft maintenance resource for all major and minor aircraft maintenance, inspection, repair, and restoration.

Aircraft Maintenance Services:

  • All aircraft inspections (annual, 100hr, pre-purchase, etc.), maintenance and repair
  • Airworthiness Directive (AD) compliance
  • Dynamic Solutions Systems Inc. certified dynamic propeller balancing and power plant spectrum analysis
  • Major and minor structural repairs
  • Homebuilder assistance
  • Metal work and welding (including aluminum welding)
  • Wood, dope, and fabric proficient
  • Radial engine proficient

  • About Us:

    Pedron Aircraft Works aircraft maintenance facility is located at the Denton Municipal Airport (KDTO) just outside of Denton, TX. At Pedron Aircraft Works, our aim is to provide North Texas with the best value in high-quality, personal, reliable, safety oriented, and efficient aircraft maintenance; and we do so with only the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

    Pedron Aircraft Works in Denton, Texas, provides a wide array of aircraft maintenance services; from preventive maintenance, pre-purchase inspections and annuals all the way up to heavy structural repairs and complete restorations. We also provide aircraft dynamic propeller balancing and are certified in the use of Dynamic Solutions Systems Inc. Propeller balancing equipment. Our aircraft maintenance services are available not only at our facility at the Denton Municipal Airport (KDTO), but throughout the Dallas/Fort worth and North Texas area.

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